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Veggie denim

10 janvier 2018 - Kings Of Indigo

This is the first natural dyed denim collection produced on an industrial scale. The difficulty in working with natural dyestuff has always been the fact that it is hard to create the right color intensity and shade consistency. A problem of the past thanks to intense research and development.

Denim manufacturer Orta succeeded in creating an effective technique that overcomes the initial problems and is 100% sustainable. Veggie denim fabric is 100% GOTS certified, organic cotton. The veggie denim dyeing process uses up to 70 liters less water per kg fabric, fewer chemicals, and 30% less energy.

This way of dyeing fabrics fits the Kings of Indigo profile in several ways; the mill is located close to home (Turkey) and is known for being innovative in finding sustainable alternatives. The veggie fabric is colored with a synthetic indigo coating in order to get a richer, darker shade of indigo.


Source: Kings Of Indigo



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