Kings Of Indigo – Showroom8

Leila balloon shaped fit

10 janvier 2018 - Kings Of Indigo

For the ladies we have a special new fit this season; Leila, our balloon shaped fit. Exchange those skinny jeans into this refreshing loose fit. Or make it even bolder and go for our Leila Worker jeans with special worker details that make it even more unique.   Source: Kings Of Indigo

Veggie denim

10 janvier 2018 - Kings Of Indigo

This is the first natural dyed denim collection produced on an industrial scale. The difficulty in working with natural dyestuff has always been the fact that it is hard to create the right color intensity and shade consistency. A problem of the past thanks to intense research and development. Denim manufacturer Orta succeeded in creating… Lire la suite

It’s all in the details

10 janvier 2018 - Kings Of Indigo

Every once in a while it is time for something special. Nothing beats wearing jeans with that special detail or finish. This season special details are an important feature for a part of our women’s jeans. Unpicked hems, slits, marble washes, stripes created by stitching before and unpicking after wash. Go for Juno High if… Lire la suite